Understanding Planting Zone

When deciding what plants should be in your garden, we take into consideration the different zones. The climate of the area you live in will determine which plants are most suited to your area.

Importance of Mulch

Mulch serves as an insulator for your plants against the hot and cold temperatures. It helps keep the roots moist by retaining water and helps keep weeds out. Also it can prevent soil compaction.

Root Development

When planting it is important to help with root development. We use an all natural product that helps protect against pathogens, makes soil nutrients soluble and allows more water and nutrients to the roots.

Native Plant Species

Planting native species is vital to preserving biodiversity. Native plants, trees and shrubs have adapted to the local conditions and usually do not need fertilizer, pesticides or watering. Landscaping with native wildflowers and grasses can help return the area to a healthy ecosystem. 

Shoreline Rehabilitation

Maintaining healthy shorelines is necessary in preserving the overall health of our lakes. Healthy shorelines help filter pollutants and improve wildlife habitats.   

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